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What is Balifornian?

She is from Bali and he is from California, hence, Balifornian!

We are well-respected leaders in the art and cultural tour industry of Indonesia. We are constructing a Wellness Retreat Center in Ketewel, Bali right next to one of the best surf breaks in Bali, Keramas Beach.  The Center will feature well appointed eco-friendly private villas, two Balinese spas, a yoga center, a permaculture garden, a killer pool and a private chef that will prepare only the freshest, most nutrient rich, locally grown organic foods. 

Who is Balifornian?

Michael Doliveck, an Art and Photography Professor for over 17 years, has been coming to Bali for over two decades. He is an award-winning photographer and educator and loves to share his passion for Indonesia and it’s many hidden wonders. He has written numerous articles on Bali’s culture, art, mysticism, healing and more.


Maryam Putu Doliveck is from The Balinese Royal Family of Karangasm and was raised learning the traditional dances, arts and the culture of Bali.  Her deep connection to the island and its people will enrich your experience on the island and provide meaningful touchstones into the culture and locations. Putu’s relations help ensure that each tour takes advantage of religious and cultural current events such as ceremonies, palace visits, and other little known experiences not available on other tours.


Kadek Darsana was raised to be the spiritual leader of his village and has an unparalleled connection to the island in ways that continually amaze us. He serves many roles from local liaison, driver, and spiritual specialist. His knowledge of Sekala (what you see on the island such as colorful ceremonies, rituals, traditional dances) and Niskala (the unseen, the occult and magic that underscores Balinese daily life) will add exponentially to your experience. Also, he knows all the tricks and short cuts on the island to make the most of your valuable time and make your trip as hassle free as possible.

Michael and Maryam at Candi Borobudur in Java, Indonesia