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Bali Photo of the Week ~ Bali Kites, Kids and Tradition

Today's Bali Photograph is from Padang Galak Beach near Sanur where children from villages all over Bali come to fly their amazing and huge kites. The whole village participates in creating the kites and it is a celebratory time. The tradition is deeply rooted in religious rites, ceremonies and symbolism. For more on Bali kites, their signifigance, tradition, religious importance and more, please see this great post on Bali kites.

Villagers from all over Bali come to the beach to test out their flying creationsWe took our Yoga and Wellness Retreat to see this amazing site and they loved it. For more on our yoga and wellness retreats click here and for more great photos of the kites click here.


Bali Photo of the Day ~ Young Girl at Beach Ceremony

Om Swasti Astu samua,

Bali Beach Sunset Ceremony

Today's Bali photo of the day is from an elaborate beach ceremony in the seaside village of Jimbaron. Our Bali Culture Tour got extrememly lucky on this day as we headed to Jimbaron for our farewell seafood feast complete with lobster, fresh fish, huge shrimp, fresh veggies, coconuts and more. I would love to say that we planned the tour on this evening because we knew the huge celebration would be going on, but as with many cultural events in Bali, they just seem to appear out of nowhere. Thousands of people decended on the beach to either witness or partake in an evening ceremony.

Bali photo beach ceremony retreatA young Balinese girl and her friends attend a beach ceremony in Jimbaron, BaliThis beautiful young girl and her three friends are headed to take their places in the procession. It was a beautiful site as hundreds of Balinese dressed in fine temple gear gathered together just before sunset. 

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Bali Photo of the Day ~ Bali Beach Ceremony

Today I have a nice shot from a recent Art and Culture Tour. After a long day of visiting temples, partaking in ceremonies and the like, our tour headed to Jimbaron Beach in South Bali for their famous seafood feasts as it was the last day of the tour. Typically we will head to Jimbaron for a farewell seafood dinner but this time there was a surprize for us. There were hundereds of people on the beach having a ceremony and a concert celebrating the recent environmental efforts of the local youth organization. There were floats, banners, flags and all sorts of celebratory accutemount. We got many fantastic photos and here is one...

Bali beach ceremony photography tourA beach ceremony on Bali's Jimbaron BeachWe would love it if you could share this post with others.

Thank you and enjoy!