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Ulun Danu Temple Ceremony

Om Swastiastu!

Today's Bali photo of the day comes to us from Ulun Danu Temple in Beratan.

These woman have come from their village to visit one of Bali's most holy water temples and bring holy water back to their village. It is carried above the head to keep it sacred and pure.

Ulun Danu Temple Ceremony ~ Bali


Bali Photo of the Day ~ Goa Gajah Ritual

Today's photo from Bali features a Pemangku or Balinese Hindu High Priest performing a traditional cleansing ritual at Goa Gajah Temple near Ubud, Bali. You can see the carved mouth of the cave in the background. It was created in the 9th century as a meditation sanctuary for a Buddhist monk.

Balinese Hindu Priest at Goa Gaja Temple in BaliWe brought our recent wellness retreat tour to the temple to receive a special cleansing and it was a profound experience. For more on Wellness Retreats learn about our new Wellness Retreat Center in Ketewel, Bali.


Bali Photo of the Day ~ Tirta Empul and The Sacred Springs of Tempak Siring

Salamat Pagi Samua! (Good Morning Everyone)

Today we bring you a photograph from Tempak Siring Temple. Tempak Siring is home to the most holy natural spring in Bali called Pura Titra Empul. Pictured are a local group of Balinese Hindus giving offerings to the sacred springs. After the prayers are completed they will ceremoniously bathe in each of the spouts (except one that remains for the deceased).

Balinese Hindus take part in a ceremony at Tempak Siring Temple, the home of Pura Tirta Empul, the most sacred springs in Bali

Our recent Art and Culture Tour paid a visit to Tirta Empul for a very special private cleansing ceremony. It was very moving and brought several of us to tears. More on the ceremony and Tempak Siring coming soon in a blog post. More photos from Pura Tirta Empul and the sacred springs can be seen here.


Bali Photo of the Day ~ A Woman brings her Offering to Temple

Todays Bali Photo takes us to a small village in central Bali called Keliki.

Keliki Village is well known for its painting style which depicts Balinese village life in the 1930's. The works are full of small details and the works are often miniature. A detailed painting can take over a year to create and may contain thousands of people in everyday activities such as going to temple much like this woman is doing here. Other depictions may include cremation ceremonies, cockfights, preparing of offerings, dance performances, etc.

A Balinese village woman brings her offering to the local temple

Offerings for the Temple Odelon

This kind woman worked for a couple days with her family to create a beautiful offering that she is taking to the local temple for the annual Odelon Ceremony. A Temple's Odelon is the anniversary of the temple and occurs every 210 days as that is the lenght of the Balinese calendar.


Bali Photo of the Day ~ Bali Temple Shrine

Hello and welcome to your Bali Photo of the day.  While touring a temple in West Bali I noticed the sun coming through the foliage of this ancient tree and the way it illumnated the Hindi shrine. I loved the light, the craftsmanship of the stone carvers, and the feel of the location. I hope you enjoy it as well.

The verdant green as seen from a Balinese Hindu Temple in West BaliDid you know Balifornian Tours works with you to customize an experience to fit your desires and passions? We make it easy and handle everything from picking you up at the airport until we drop you off at the airport. We only do the things YOU want to do and our extensive experience can help you decide what are the best activities for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you craft the vacation of your lifetime AND at a price that is lower than most generic tours as well!

Happy travels!