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Photo of the Day ~ Crescent Moon Sunset ~ Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog

Our photo of the day for today is a beautiful Balinese scene from Singaraja in the north of the island.

Bali travel photo beachCopyright © 2011 Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog ~ Michael DoliveckSingaraja is known for its glorious sunsets.  The north of Bali can be a great break from the hustle and bustle of the southern Bali.  It is a chance to see more of the real Bali and if you can get up into the mountains there are great opportunities to visit small villages, see increadible temples, meet friendly locals, etc.  The Balinese gamelon was perfected here so Singaraja is the place to purchase instruments or just take in some of the increadibly talanted gamelon groups from the area.

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Do you have some great images from your Indonesian travels you would like to share? Want to submit your fantastic photo for the Balifornian Tour and Travel Blog Photo of the Day?  Please send your JPEG, location and description to  Files must be under 500 kb.

Happy travels! Salamat Jalan!

Michael and Maryam ~

Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog ~ Voted The best website for news and information on Bali and Indonesia.

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