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Photo of the Day ~ Why Indonesian's are so healthy ~ Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog

This image, taken in Singaraja in the north of Bali, depicts a kind older gentleman preparing for The Galungan Holiday Celebration.  Demanding physical work and a healthy diet free from preservatives and pesticides make for strong long lives.  Scenes like this are not uncommon in Bali and the rest of Indonesia and are a testament to clean good living.

Bali Tour Galungan FestivalCopyright © 2011 Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog ~ Michael Doliveck

Galungan is Bali's most important festival. It includes a feast and festival, which is held throughout the entire island and occurs every 210 days according to the Balinese calendar. The holiday lasts for ten days culminating with Kuningan.  It is said that during this ten day period The Balinese gods and the ancestors will descend unto earth for the festivities. Thus the Gods and ancestors must be entertained.    The entire island is decorated with panjor along the roads, houses and temples. Panjor are made from Huge bamboo poles and woven batan of coconut fronds and other leaves.  Huge amounts of traditional lawar is made from sacrificed pigs and Barongs Dance from temple to temple and village to village in celebration of Galungan with the gods. Galungan translates to "When the Dharma is winning". Galungan to the Balinese is the most important holiday period as it symbolizes the victory of Dharma, or virtue, upon Adharma, or all that is evil.

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