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How to be a Location Independent Digital Nomad ~ Part 2

This is part 2 of 3. For Part 1 please click here and for Part 3 please click here.

Our quest for Location Independency continued...

The rhythm of life in Bali is much more my speed.  We are connected to this magnetic island on many levels, in many ways.  It makes perfect sense. We are about to break ground on our villas and wellness retreat in Ketewel, Bali.  Our tours have been going great for a few years now. We have family and dear friends in Bali as well. We are becoming geographically independent.  Let’s just do it. Lets sell everything and give it our full heart and soul.  Well, that’s what we are in the midst of right now.  I was able to find someone to rent our beautiful home so that frees up a huge chunk of money every month. In fact it’s like gaining a full time income just by not paying for the house each month. We have sold all of our wordly posessions (save for a few treasures obtained through our world travels) and are now in Bali laying the groundwork.

Location independent Bali travelThe magic and magnetism of Bali

How do I become Location Independent?

So, in talking (a bit too much) about myself, I want to help show those good people who are firmly entrenched in their cubicle, trading their time (and possible huge chunk of their life) for money in an Ouroboros infinity loop to nowhere, that there is another way.  The pace of life is immensely slowed down in South East Asia. Sure there can be traffic and frustrating bureaucracy at times, its not completely idyllic 100% of the time, but it’s a light year in contrast to what we have in the west. You have time to follow your passions, carve, surf, photograph, learn to play the gamelon, deepen your yoga practice or even find a passion you didn't even know you had. A dispassionate life is not a life well lived. I am an educator. I spent most of my life involved in education, but nowhere in school will they tell you this.  Please don't misunderstand, education is valuable. Knowledge is power. But sitting in a cubicle the rest of your life may not be the avenue to successfully complete your life’s true work.


I am not saying go out and sell everything you own (well maybe I am a little bit) but there are other ways to make a living. There are other lifestyles than having a energy sucking 9 to 5 that provides the money you need to rent the apartment you don't really like so you have a place to watch TV and fall asleep until your alarm clock wakes you to go to that job you loathe… rinse, repeat…


It’s been hard on my folks. Yes I turn 42 in just 2 days, but they still worry about us.  Understandably, it’s a different world to them. A mysterious, possibly unsafe, foreign land as far across the globe as you can get. I understand their fears. They would be so happy if I was an insurance salesman and still had a proper full time gig with a 401k and ‘security’.  Well there is no security. Go ask the millions who have been laid off from ‘solid as a rock’ institutions: people who always subscribed to the prearranged societal blueprint.


Let me be your example, your test case. I want to show you its not so hard, or scary, or risky.  Your status quo is not going anywhere. You can always come back to it. But what if going to experience another culture, another view on life’s rhythm, held some pearls for you?


As Mr. Huxley stated so eloquently decades ago, it is a Brave New World out there.  There are so many innovative ways to make a living online, to become location independent, a digital nomad. Sure teaching online was one thing, but I was still working for a huge corporation that cared nothing at all for me (and sadly less about the students quality of education). I was tied to someone else’s rules- many of which were not coming from an educator but coming from Wall Street. But creating passive, and not so passive income from writing, networking with like-minded people, and working on your time, when YOU want.


There are options out there. What are yours?

Click here for Part 3 and that list of blogs I devoured to help understand how to become location independent and make some extra income through blogging. And you can always ask me for help as well.


Bali tours and wellness retreatLive life and the speed YOU decide

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You can click here for Part 3 and that list of blogs I devoured to help understand how to become location independent and make some extra income through blogging. And you can always ask me for help as well.


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