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The perfect Honeymoon ~ Bali, Indonesia

Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog has very special honeymoon packages both private and for your wedding party.  We had our wedding in Indonesia last year and had the honeymoon only avalible to the stars but at an increadible low price.  Contact us today so we can design the most romantic honeymoon imaginable at a price that wont break your bank! ~ ed.

Maryam and Michael on thier honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia.  Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog 2010


My Postcard: Bali

Newlywed Shivani Landie found bliss in Bali

from The Times Live By Newlywed Shivani Landie

After a 13-hour flight via Malaysia to Bali, we were relieved to finally touch down in Denpasar and begin our holiday.

Bali was the perfect destination to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple and my husband, Denzel's, 30th birthday; it was everything we imagined and more.

The beautiful beaches of Nusa Dua, the hustle and bustle of Kuta and artistic villages of Ubud, overlooked by the majestic volcano Mount Kintamani, created the perfect cocktail for a great holiday.  Shopping, going for spa treatments and enjoying local dishes like Goreng, fresh seafood, and of course, an endless supply of the local beers, Bintang and Bali Hai, became our daily routine, along with relaxing on the idyllic beaches.

The hospitality of the locals was simply amazing, specifically the staff at our resort, the Aston Bali, who arranged a beautiful candle-lit dinner on the beach, with fireworks lighting the sky and a ballad-singing trio, making my husband's birthday one to remember.  Bali is a must-see holiday destination, especially if you are looking to relax on the beach, enjoy water sports, shop and be thoroughly pampered. We will definitely go back.

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The crafts and arts of traditional Bali

Tours with Balifornian can include mini apprenticeships with master artists of many types from dance to wood carving to painting and batik and even cooking.  Tell us where your passions lie and we can custom create an itinerary just for you.  Our long standing relationships with local arts and crafts practitioners allows us unique opportunities for our clients. ~ Ed. (Michael)

The crafts and arts of traditional Bali

By Nak Bali
Until this century Balinese artists produced work (paintings, stone & wood carving etc.) under the patronage of wealthy kings or as gifts to decorate the local temple. As such the artists were only doing their part as a member of the community and therefore never gave much thought to be recognized for their efforts by signing their work. In addition, art had to follow very stringent guidelines so whilst the quality may have varied the content was quite standard. It wasn't until the arrival of European artists that Balinese artists learned to express themselves individually and then began signing their work.

Cloth & Textiles
Bali has basically 3 indigenous textiles: Endek, Gringsing and Tenun Ikat. That being said most of the swaths of cloth and fancy printed apparel on sale in Bali are really Batik and native to Java, not Bali. FYI, the intricate designs on Batik cloth are made by applying wax to the fabric prior to dying each time another color is added.

Inasmuch as Endek is really only popular with the Balinese it is not mass produced - so it is quite safe to say that any endek you purchase will have been hand made. It is a laborious affair. The horizontal threads are laid out and pre dyed with a desired pattern in a tie dye type of operation ( the fabric may be dyed several times with different colors ). Once dyed the threads are dried then woven into the vertical threads on the loom.

These vertical threads are only one color, usually black. It is not until the weaving is complete that one knows for sure the quality and clarity of the designer's work. This is just a rough idea how the process works, it's actually much more complicated than this with several people - men included - to make just one bolt of cloth. The finished bolt is about 20 feet long by 3.5 feet wide. It takes about 10 days just to weave one bolt of cloth - so think of the value !

Now, if you think that's tricky try it with both the vertical and horizontal threads at the same time. Imagine a weaver must come up with a design then "tye dye" both the horizontal and vertical threads separately 2-3 times depending on the number of colors used. Even the slightest miscalculation when dying  the yarn or a mistake by the weaver and months of work are lost. This is basically how Gringsing is produced in the Balinese Village of Tenganan - one of two or three places in the entire world capable of producing this extraordinary textile. As mentioned many times in this is one of the best souvenirs available to visitors to Bali.

The third cloth, tenun ikat is also popular in Bali. Like endek the horizontal threads are dyed and woven into a solid vertical thread on the loom. The difference is that the patterns are solid colored blocks or simple crossing patterns. This cloth is also mostly produced by hand and is very popular in fashionable circles for clothing, home furnishings and accessories.

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Nak Bali - About the Author:  Our Objective is to enhance the opportunities for Balinese people, promoting self esteem and personal growth through education

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Some basics on Bali and its Culture

Bali Culture

Bali is an Indonesian island that is rich in indigenous culture. A lot pf people say that Bali culture is unique and that the people of Bali have always been contented with the "now." If you ask a Balinese person what heaven is like, the probable answer will be "just like Bali". This only goes to show that most Balinese people are happy to be where they are and never worry.

One factor that contributes to this laidback lifestyle is the culture of close family ties in Bali. In the Balinese culture, support is always available. Balinese extended families are so tightly knit that all members usually reside in the same complex.

Hinduism is one of the main religions in Bali. The Bali culture is based on a form of this religion, which is called "Hindu Darma". This religion reached the island during the eleventh century. Most of the family customs and traditions as well as community lifestyles of the Balinese people are influenced by this. The religious influence even expands widely into the arts, which makes Bali distinct from the rest of Indonesia.

In spite of the influx of tourists to the island, Balinese people have managed to preserve their culture. Almost every native of Bali is an artist in some form or another. Parents and villagers have passed on their skills to their children, who all seem to have inclinations either to music, dance, painting, and decor.

Another remarkable mark of the Bali culture is the series of ceremonies and rituals known as the Manusa Yadnya. This marks the different stages of Balinese life. Cremation is very popular on this island - and unlike in the West, death is a joyous and colorful event for the Balinese.

Indeed, Bali has a rich culture, making it distinctive from the rest of the islands in Indonesia.