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Bali Photo of the Day ~ Bali Royal Cremation

The Bali photograph for today comes from an auspicious outing for our Yoga and Wellness Retreat participants. After a powerful morning of yoga at the villa we headed into Ubud for a cultural excursion. We had been seeing the daily construction of the Bade (cremation tower) and Bull and we knew the royal cremation ceremony or Ngaben would soon be taking place. However, we did not know it would be this day.

Our Bali Yoga and Wellness Retreat was able to witness this rare Royal Cremation Ceremony in Ubud, BaliOur Yoga Retreat guests were overjoyed to be able to witness this rare rite. More images from this ceremony are soon to come and if you would like to read more about Ngaben Cremation Ceremonies and see some compelling photos, please click here and here and here.

For more on our Yoga and Wellness Retreats just click here.


Bali Photos of the Day ~ Bali Cremation Ceremony ~ Balifornian Villas and Tours

Today we have more images from a Ngaben or Balinese Cremation Ceremony that took place near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

best Bali Tour ceremonyPendanda blesses women during ceremonyThe Pendanda (High Hindu Priest) blesses the women during the cremation ceremony.  While it is a sad and serious ceremony, you will often see people smiling and enjoying themselves. 

Bali tours and eco-travelBeautiful Balinese woman laughs with friendsbali villas and tours culturePrayers for the deceased at a cremation ceremonyVillagers give offerings and pray for the deceased during the ceremony

Bali culture and wellness retreatThe body is burned during a cremation ceremony in Bali, IndonesiaThe body is burned .the ashes and fragments will be collected and ceremoniously placed in a nearby river.


Some basics on Bali and its Culture

Bali Culture

Bali is an Indonesian island that is rich in indigenous culture. A lot pf people say that Bali culture is unique and that the people of Bali have always been contented with the "now." If you ask a Balinese person what heaven is like, the probable answer will be "just like Bali". This only goes to show that most Balinese people are happy to be where they are and never worry.

One factor that contributes to this laidback lifestyle is the culture of close family ties in Bali. In the Balinese culture, support is always available. Balinese extended families are so tightly knit that all members usually reside in the same complex.

Hinduism is one of the main religions in Bali. The Bali culture is based on a form of this religion, which is called "Hindu Darma". This religion reached the island during the eleventh century. Most of the family customs and traditions as well as community lifestyles of the Balinese people are influenced by this. The religious influence even expands widely into the arts, which makes Bali distinct from the rest of Indonesia.

In spite of the influx of tourists to the island, Balinese people have managed to preserve their culture. Almost every native of Bali is an artist in some form or another. Parents and villagers have passed on their skills to their children, who all seem to have inclinations either to music, dance, painting, and decor.

Another remarkable mark of the Bali culture is the series of ceremonies and rituals known as the Manusa Yadnya. This marks the different stages of Balinese life. Cremation is very popular on this island - and unlike in the West, death is a joyous and colorful event for the Balinese.

Indeed, Bali has a rich culture, making it distinctive from the rest of the islands in Indonesia.


Why a Bali vacation is like no other

Balifornian Tours handles everything for you so there is no stress or hassles for you.  We will discuss your passions, priorities and desres and work with you to create the exact tour you want.  We have decades of experience, close personal contacts that can arrange special outings that other groups can not, and all the tools needed to make the best possible trip for you.  The article below highlights some aspects but when you travel with us, you we will take care of every tiny detail so all you need to do is enjoy.

Nothing Beats A Bali Vacation   by Sofia Deluca

in Travel 

For many tourists visiting Bali, images of palm-fringed beaches are uppermost in their mind and probably the biggest single reason for purchasing that ticket to paradise. Learning about Balinese culture is a wonderful thing, life changing experience. Bali has one of the most unique and fascinating cultures in the world. This amazing island is known by many evocative names; "The Island of the Gods". There are more than twenty thousand temples in Bali. It is also one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.


If the sky is the limit, the luxury hotels are unsurpassable and there are more then 20 deluxe hotels in Bali. On the south part of the island such as Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Kuta, you can find many 5 stars hotels in Bali.

When planning your Bali trip, discover all you can about the different Bali Vacation Packages.You can find a Bali vacation package just right for you if you work out exactly what it is that you are looking for.

Travel Bali Vacation Packages:
These are sometimes called classic packages that will take you traveling, circling the island from Bali's famous resort area to secluded and untouched parts of Bali.

Some bali vacation packages are more flexible and just includes hotel accommodation, daily breakfast and airport transfers or you may want to add the Airfare into the package as well.

Bali offers every standard of accommodation ranging from charming yet modest bungalow style hotels in lush tropical gardens; to the most exclusive and sophisticated hotels and villas in Asia. Bali is the perfect holiday destination. This tropical paradise has a unique blend of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful shopping and a rich cultural heritage of colorful ceremonies and magnificent temples. Some of the best surfing beaches in the world can be found in Bali as well as beautiful white sand beaches with gentle seas. These pages are regularly up-dated with links to Bali's best web sites including hotel accommodation, villa rental, travel information, tours, restaurants, night life, holiday activities and business information about the island of Bali.

Bali is an artists dream come true. It has hundreds of renowned artists, musicians, dancers, wood carvers and sculturers. Ubud is also a magical town full of art and Balinese culture and should not be missed when you spend a vacation in Bali.


Happy New Year 2011- Making a resolution??

From all of us at Balifornian, may your new year be the best one yet.  Have a safe and fun New Years Eve.

Making a resolution?  Check out our health and wellness retreats.  Learn to eat healthy, stay active and reconnect with yourself all while touring amazing Bali.  We will visit temples and sacred sites while learning about the culture and arts of traditional Bali.  Of course there will be plenty of time just relaxing on the beach, poolside and getting massages and spa treatments.  Other possibilities include yoga, painting classes, shopping excursions, meeting with healers, cooking classes, museums, learning about specific cultural aspects that interest you, etc.  The itinerary is really up to you.  With your input we will help you design a tour that fulfills your passions, interests and sense of adventure, all the while in luxurious setting.  Learn more about our tours at


All the best to you and your family,

Maryam and Michael

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Bali catamaran on Gili Air, Lombok