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Bali Surf Guide ~ Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a sacred and beautiful spot to visit for both the devout Balinese Hindu as well as travelers. But what some don't realize is that it is a good surf spot as well.

Surf Guide to Bali's Tanah Lot Temple

Bali surf villa spaSurfing at Bali's Stunning Tanah Lot Temple~ Notice the surfers on the left
You can approach the temple in many ways (car, motor bike, taxi, etc.). Simply ask the driver to take you to Pura Tanah Lot. Pay your entry fee at the gate. Note that indonesians go through one gate and pay a greatly reduced fee and Bule (white folk/foreigners) pay a completely different amount. Lets save that debate for another time but Indonesians and especially Balinese deserve to be able to visit their sacred places at a reasonable cost. You will then make your way through a small village that is actually just souvenir stalls. It is seemingly endless but follow the flow of people to the shore.


Bali tour surf spaA lone surfer enjoys the uncrowded sets of Sea Arch at Tanah Lot in Bali
You will see the main temple ahead of you but follow the path along to the right (North) about 250 meters. You will see a natural jetty shaped like an arch (pictured above and below), pointing out to the ocean with another temple at the end of it. Some refer to this as The Bali Sea Arch. Few people know that the Tanah Lot temple was originally connected to the island of Bali with an arch very similar to this but it has been eroded away.


Bali tour surf villaThis surfer can't ask for a more beautiful setting for this epic solo session at Bali's Tanah Lot Temple
Just South of the jetty is the surf break. Please remember, this is a holy temple so be respectful as you change your clothes. 


While it is not Uluwatu or perhaps even in the top five surf breaks of Bali, it is still a great fun wave and is usually uncrowded. I have rarely seen more than two surfers out at any one time. Its a great left and you can score solid waves here year round and at all tides but it works best with a south-southwest swell and the wind east-northeast. The most consistent surf is in the dry season from May to September and offers nice warm offshore breezes. Low and mid-tides are best and it starts working at less than 1 meter.  Mind the rocks and the reef but there is some sand as well.


Bali surfing villa spa tourBali's Sea temple Tanah Lot
Most all surf abilities can catch good waves here and the average ride lenght is 40-100 meters.


Other notable surf breaks in the area include Kedungu Beach, Medewi Front Hotel beach and Nyani beach which is also known as Muara beach.


For more information on the breaks and our surf tours of Bali please contact us directly and for more insider information on surf in Bali, Bali culture and travel tips, be sure to sign up for our award winning newsletter.

See ya in the lineup! 

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Bali Photo of the Day ~ Monkey Forest Bridge

Balifornian Photography Tour at Ubud's Sacred Monket Forest

Today I wanted to follow up with a couple additional shots of the Dragon Bridge in Ubud's Sacred Monkey Forest to give you a bit more perspective.

In previous Bali Photo of the Day blog posts, I featured the bridge itself and the Komodo Dragons that protect the Sacred Bathing Temple that the bridge leads to.

Today I wanted to show the Komodo Dragon carvings from the bridge. Here is a wide shot from the bridge overlooking the gorge...

The Dragon Bridge of Bali's Sacred Monkey ForestAnd here is a closer view...

A pair of Komodo Dragons keep watch over the Sacred Bathing Temple of The Monkey ForestAnd here is another shot of the elaborate carving of the Dragon on the bridge...

A detail view of the dragon carving on the bridge in Ubud's Monkey ForestI hope that helps complete the experience for you and come see it for yourself!

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The perfect Honeymoon ~ Bali, Indonesia

Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog has very special honeymoon packages both private and for your wedding party.  We had our wedding in Indonesia last year and had the honeymoon only avalible to the stars but at an increadible low price.  Contact us today so we can design the most romantic honeymoon imaginable at a price that wont break your bank! ~ ed.

Maryam and Michael on thier honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia.  Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog 2010


My Postcard: Bali

Newlywed Shivani Landie found bliss in Bali

from The Times Live By Newlywed Shivani Landie

After a 13-hour flight via Malaysia to Bali, we were relieved to finally touch down in Denpasar and begin our holiday.

Bali was the perfect destination to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple and my husband, Denzel's, 30th birthday; it was everything we imagined and more.

The beautiful beaches of Nusa Dua, the hustle and bustle of Kuta and artistic villages of Ubud, overlooked by the majestic volcano Mount Kintamani, created the perfect cocktail for a great holiday.  Shopping, going for spa treatments and enjoying local dishes like Goreng, fresh seafood, and of course, an endless supply of the local beers, Bintang and Bali Hai, became our daily routine, along with relaxing on the idyllic beaches.

The hospitality of the locals was simply amazing, specifically the staff at our resort, the Aston Bali, who arranged a beautiful candle-lit dinner on the beach, with fireworks lighting the sky and a ballad-singing trio, making my husband's birthday one to remember.  Bali is a must-see holiday destination, especially if you are looking to relax on the beach, enjoy water sports, shop and be thoroughly pampered. We will definitely go back.

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