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Another amazing day of Bali surf at Uluwatu.

Pura Uluwatu is one of Bali's most striking temples and it looks out onto one of the best known waves in the world. Uluwatu is almost always working as it consists of several breaks next to one another. These include The Racetrack, Temples, The Peak and when its really big, Outside Corner and The Bombie pump as well.
Bali surf villa UluwatuRecognized as one of the best surf breaks in all the world, Uluwatu in Bali never dissapoints.
Uluwatu is in the Southwest tip of Bali on the Bukit Penninsula. Due to its fame and the fact that it almost always has some swell, it can get crowded. Its best to come early and never drop in on the locals. It is an exposed reef break and for experienced surfers only. It can be sketchy as you need to paddle out through a cave and the current is quite strong. Please contact us if you are headed there for the first time as there are many things to know before attempting to surf Uluwatu. 

Bali surf Ketewel villaA surfer shreds Uluwatu's The Peak break in Bali's bukit penninsula.Bring your booties, have a very strong leash and watch the tides and the shallow reef. If you don't want to test yourself, just kick back with a Bintang at one of the restaurants carved into the cliffs for a spectacular view.

surf Bali photography tourA surfer shreds Uluwatu's The Peak break in Bali's bukit penninsula.I am always shocked when I return to Uluwatu as there are now many hotels, villas, restaurants, etc. It was not too many years ago when there was just one place to stay. But surfers want surf and Uluwatu always delivers. We have found an even better place in Sumbawa though and we will be surfing Scar Reef with just a couple friends soon! But don't tell anyone.

I would be remiss to make a blog post on Ulu and not discuss the Temple. So here is one last shot from the Temple above. Want to shoot surf photography? Check out our new photo tours! Just click here.

Bali photography tour surfA monkey ponders the moon at Bali's sacred Uluwatu Temple.

For more photos check out our gallery and let us know what you think!

Have you surfed in Bali? Please leave your comments below. We'd love to hear from you.


The Best ‘New’ Surf Spot in Bali, Indonesia

The Best ‘New’ Surf Spot in Bali, Indonesia

Let me preface by stating that the surf break is not actually new at all but it is just beginning to read on the radar of surf travelers across the globe.

Bali surf break and villasKeramas Surf Breaka s it all- except for accomodations

Where is this great surf spot?

The location is called Keramas Surf Break and it is located near Ketewel, Bali.  It’s about a 10-minute drive from Sanur on the way to Amed.  One reason this surf spot had been overlooked by most surfers and many pros was that it was difficult to get to.  The area consists mainly of peaceful rice fields and fishing villages.  It is known for its fertile volcanic soil.  Keramas maintains the highly sought after and rarely found “Old Bali” feel.

How do I get to this amazing surf spot?

About 8 years ago The World Bank funded The Sunrise Road that would connect Keramas with the rest of Bali via a wide and well-maintained roadway.  Previous to the construction the only way to Keramas and points East in Bali was through a small, congested road.  While the new bypass is not quite complete, it has opened up access to the little known surf haven.

What is in the area?

Even with the new bypass, the surf break at Keramas remains uncrowded.  There are very few accommodations, restaurants and services available in the area.  This means that most surfers stay in Kuta or even Uluwatu.  They must wake up very early, battle the traffic and congestion of Kuta just to enjoy the wonderful surf at Ketewal.

Bai's best surfing and accomodationsBeautiful Keramas Surf Break- Bali's best kept surfing secretSurfline’s Jon Huberman summed it up well saying, “Once an ultra-secret hideaway of tightlipped surfing expats, in the past few years, no other spot has received more media attention than Keramas. Whether it's Andy Irons dropping in out of a Helicopter, or any of dozens of international professional surfers adding a section to the latest surf movie, Keramas is no secret anymore. The good news is that Keramas does live up to its' hype. It's an excellent reef break in a classic black sand beach and rice field setting, and, in a land of perfect lefts, it's one of a few perfect rights. 

Keramas is a fun right-hander for hot dog surfing when it is smaller. In the past few years, surfers have been pushing the limits of what is considered too big to surf at Keramas. Even on the biggest days of the year, some local and international chargers have been paddling out there, returning with stories, film, and photos of glory.”

How can I stay in a great place near the surf break?

We have owned land in Ketewel for many years and have worked with the local banjar to allow farmers to continue to grow rice and tobacco on the land.  We have been approached numerous times by people wanting to develop the land into big hotels and the like but we have turned down these offers as we wanted to do what we could to help protect the peaceful area.  We have meticulously planned for years to create an eco-friendly surf villa and wellness retreat on the land.  We have worked with local architects, eco-tourism professionals and many others to develop the smallest footprint and most eco-friendly resort we could.  We want to provide surfers with affordable luxury accommodations with easy access to one of the best surf breaks in all of Bali.  For more on our villas please click here.

We have a deep love for the area and concern for its future. This is why we have put so much time and research into developing a resort that supports the local people and provides a much needed service to travelers at the lowest environmental impact.

Please email us or post your comments below.

Happy Surfing & Happy Travels,

The Balifornians