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Bali Photo of the Day ~ Kopeng at Cremation Ceremony ~ Balifornian Villas and Tours

The Balinese will hang Kepeng (also spelled kopeng), or traditional coins, during many ceremonies.  I thought a shallow depth of field would provide a nice composition for this shot.  The cremation ceremony, or Ngaben, took place outside of Ubud, Bali.

Bali travel ceremony photographyUang Kepengh ang on a line during a cremation ceremony near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Uang Kepeng (traditional coins used in ceremony) hang from a line during a traditional Balinese ngaben (cremation ceremony).

Throughout Bali's long history, Uang Kepeng were crucially important to the Balinese people, touchingon all aspects of their lives; cultural, religious, social, political and economic. Today, the valuation of Uang Kepeng is only related to cultural uses in the arts and religion, while the social, political and economic aspects have withered away. Meanwhile, the memory of the currency as an ancient medium of local exchange remains very much alive.  On a visit to Bali, the traveller will see these coins used in offerings and ceremonies.  Some are highly praised and quite valuable, while others are remakes having only ceremonial value.  For my wedding, I had to pay a huge amount of Kepeng to my brides family.