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Photo of the Day ~ Gentle Street Vendor ~ Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog

This gentle older woman was selling sweets in Yogjakarta.  Our Eco-Travel Tour stopped to get some provisions before we headed off to the increadible Water Castle and underground tunnel system in Yogjakarta.  I have been asked what equiptment I use for these shots and this was taken with a Canon 7D, handheld.  If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you! 

Copyright © 2010 Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog ~ Michael Doliveck

Are you a photographer or just like to take pictures?  Contact us to find out about our special tours for photographers.  Take a look at the images in the gallery as they are good examples of the types of images you will be able to create on our tours.  The tours are led by Michael, a professor of art and photography as well as some very special guest teachers and pro photographers.  Contact us at today for more information.

Have great images from your Indonesian travels you would like to share? Want to submit your photo for the Balifornian Tour and Travel Blog Photo of the Day?  Please send your JPEG, location and description to  Files must be under 500 kb.

Happy travels!

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The strangest monkey photos you have ever seen

These photos were taken on our Balifornian Eco-Adventure Tour while in heavy traffic in the heart of "The Big Durian", AKA Jakarta.  While we do not condone the poor treatment of these inteligent animals, we felt it was important to share these bizarre images.  Street peddlers will set up in high traffic areas where cars must slow to a crawl in a city plagued with dense traffic.  These poor monkeys dressed in human clothing will perform various acts such as riding small fake motorcycles, play fake instruments or sometimes forced to sit in human-like positions in an attempt to collect money from passing motorists.  Occasionally these unfortunate creatures will be bondaged to assmue these unconfortable positions.  We wanted to bring this cruel practice to light and share it with you.  We obviously encourage passers by not to donate to these inhumane practices.

All images  © 2010 Michael Doliveck ~ A photo essay. Bali Travel Blog