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Balinese Ceremony Creates Balance amid Disaster

Nangluk Merana – Balance The World, Prevent The Bad Things
by admin from
Lately, Indonesia seems so tragic. This country is suffering from the challenge of natural disasters: flood in Wasior, tsunami in Mentawai, and the latest is Merapi eruption. All people in other islands of Indonesia feel worried, Balinese also. Even more, considering this month is Sasih Kanem based on Balinese calendar which means a month full of disasters and something bad, Balinese held Bumi Sudha.

Bumi Sudha is a ceremony to make the world balance. This ceremony aiming to prevent any other disaster was held in every area of Bali since 3 up to 5 December. And the same ceremony will be held annually on Sasih Kanem, this is based on the result of the meeting of Hindu priests.

For Gianyar and Bangli community, Bumi Sudha in this year coincided with Nangluk Merana ceremony. Even Nangluk Merana has been held for hundreds of years to prevent their area from disasters and create peace at heart. In Gianyar, Nangluk Merana which was held on yesterday (5/12) took place in Lebih village. This ceremony was followed by Geblogan and Topeng Sidakarya dance.

In Bangli, Nangluk Merana ceremony was held in Catus Pata and Bukit Jati Temple. Basically, this ceremony has the same purpose that is to prevent something bad come to life. But Nangluk Merana held in Bukit Jati Temple is a special one since this ceremony aims to prevent all of agricultural plants from any kind of diseases.

Apart from that as human being we can not only blame on the nature of that great disasters. We need to evaluate what we have done to the nature and try to behave better in this world, don’t we?


Help for Bali's Sea Turtles

Quiksilver on board to help Bali's troubled sea turtles

Sea Turtle conservation spot : photo Tim Hain

Balifornian supports environmental causes such as...

Environment News- Bali Tours, Holidays and Vacations

Quiksilver Gives Donations to Support Sea Turtle Preservation  |  Indonesian version below

Surfersvillage Global Surf News,  -  Quiksilver gave a donation to support the conservation of Sea Turtles. The donation was given to the Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation (KBSTC),  which will be used to preserve the existence of Sea Turtles in the area of Kuta Beach, Bali.

The amount of the donation Rp. 25,014,338,- was handed over to Mr. I Gusti Ngurah Tresna, as representatives from KBSTC, by Simon MacGregor, Quiksilver Marketing Executive SEA and Bruce Waterfield, Business Services Director, Coca Cola Botling Indonesia. The hand over ceremony was done at the office KBSTC in Kuta Beach area.

"This is a part of our awareness to support sea turtle conservation in Kuta Beach area. Quiksilver is very proud to have participated for several years, and we will continue the donations in the years to come. "Said Simon MacGregor.

After the hand over ceremony, the crowd was doing the Sea Turtle release at Kuta Beach led by Simon MacGregor and Bruce Waterfield, as well as Quiksilver and Coca Cola Balinusa region teams.


Bahasa Indonesia

Quiksilver Memberikan Donasi untuk Mendukung Pelestarian Penyu Laut

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, - Kuta Bali, 26 November 2010. Quiksilver memberikan donasi untuk mendukung pelestarian penyu laut. Donasi diberikan kepada Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conservation (KBSTC) yang selanjutnya akan digunakan untuk melestarikan keberadaan Penyu Laut di wilayah Pantai Kuta, Bali.
Donasi sebesar Rp. 25.014.338,- itu diserahkan kepada Bapak I Gusti Ngurah Tresna sebagai perwakilan dari KBSTC oleh Simon MacGregor, Marketing Executive SEA Quiksilver dan Bruce Waterfield, Business Service Director Coca Cola Botling Indonesia. Penyerahan dilakukan di kantor KBSTC di kawasan Pantai Kuta.

“Ini adalah bentuk kepedulian Quiksilver untuk mendukung pelestarian Penyu Laut di wilayah Pantai Kuta. Kami sangat bangga telah ikut berpartisipasi selama beberapa tahun terakhir ini, dan kami akan terus memberikan donasi di tahun-tahun mendatang.” ungkap Simon  MacGregor.

Setelah acara penyerahan donasi, dilakukan juga acara pelepasan Penyu Laut di Pantai Kuta dipimpin oleh Simon MacGregor, Bruce Waterfield, serta team dari  Quiksilver dan Coca Cola wilayah Balinusa.

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Bali's Airport to finally get solid renovation

Long overdue...Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport Renovations Finally Begin

By Barrie      

No doubt many could name a few things that are badly in need of change at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport; those things that really annoy you. I could name quite a few – the hard seating in the departure lounge that make your bum ache, the lack of budget-priced eateries, the early closure of shops when you are on a late-night flight and the high prices. But hey, it’s Bali and they gotta make a buck!
And, we have all seen the disruptions in the airport of late caused by minor renovations. There is a reason for all of that. Extensive renovations of Bali Ngurah Rai Airport are now set to commence next month. Apparently it is considered a top priority for this development considering the increasing amount of air traffic.
The article in the Bali Discovery explains further and according to it, the renovations are sorely needed due to rapidly expanding tourism arrivals and the under-capacity of Bali’s airport that now handles more than 10 million travellers each year.
I often ask myself why the sudden urgency as nothing is done in Indonesia without a cause. Indeed I was correct: an acceleration in the renovation of the airport is being done at the express orders of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who wants the work completed in time for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC) in 2013.
Let’s just hope they put in recliner rockers in the departure lounge and add a couple of kaki lima and cheap warungs while there at it!
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