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A great travel tip in honor of Bob Marley’s Birthday.

A great travel tip in honor of Bob Marley’s Birthday.

Bali travel tips A helpful travel tip for those long journeys
Here is a great little tip to make the rough part of adventuring just a little bit easier.  All of us who have traveled and adventured have found ourselves on some ridiculously long, crowded, and uncomfortable bus trip to get to a new destination. Sure you can look out the window and take in the countryside (if it’s a daytime journey).  You can try to sleep, write in your journal, fine-tune your travel plan, etc. But after 7 or 8 hours in a crowded bus sitting next to a goat and a guy who smells even worse, you need a little help.

I always travel with Bob Marley music.  I used to bring along a cassette, then a CD and now I have my iPhone.  I have been on so many long trips where the bus driver has some incredibly annoying, poorly recorded, ‘music’ on repeat. The first few times is kind of nice and maybe gives you some local flavor but after eight or nine times, you want to strangle the poor guy (please do not touch or strangle the driver while the bus is in motion).  This is where I approach the driver and gesture to my cassette or CD in an effort to get him to play a little Bob.  
Bob Marley’s universal appeal is mind blowing. The impact he had, and continues to have, on people all over the world, is simple astounding.  There have been rides where everyone starts smiling, singing and really makes for a fun remainder of the journey.  I have made great friends doing this and with Bob’s inspiring music, it’s hard to go wrong with this tip.
Marley free photo Bali
Happy birthday Brother Bob.  You continue to brighten the world, open minds and provide joy the world over.