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Photo of the Day ~ Root Caverns ~ Balifornian Tours and Travel Blog


This increadible huge tree with its unique root system was seen on our Balifornian eco-tourism adventure tour of Indonesia.  It was photographed while we were on the island of Java outside of Jakarta.  The caverns created by its massive roots created mini-eco-systems. 


Copyright © 2010 Mikaku ~ Michael Doliveck

Are you a photographer or just like to take pictures?  Contact us to find out about our special tours for photographers.  Take a look at the images in the gallery as they are good examples of the types of images you will be able to create on our tours.  The tours are led by Michael, a professor of art and photography as well as some very special guest teachers and pro photographers.  Contact us at today for more information.

Have great images from your Indonesian travels you would like to share? Want to submit your photo for the Balifornian Tour and Travel Blog Photo of the Day?  Please send your JPEG, location and description to  Files must be under 500 kb.

Happy travels!

Michael and Maryam


Sumateran Orangutan Society

A great organization- ask us how you can help.

About the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS)

The Sumatran Orangutan Society is dedicated to the conservation of Sumatran orangutans and their forest home. Our international branches raise awareness of the threats facing wild orangutans, and raise funds to support  grassroots conservation projects in Sumatra. Together with a team of committed Indonesian conservationists, we work with local communities living alongside orangutan habitat. We visit schools, plant trees and provide training to help the local people work towards a more sustainable future for their forests.

We aim to:

1. Conserve the endemic Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii) and its rainforest habitat.

2. Promote public awareness of threats to, and conservation strategies for, the Sumatran orangutan, through community education and global communication.

3. Support the operation of our grassroots field conservation projects and sustainable community development initiatives through the Orangutan Information Center (OIC) in Sumatra.

4. Collaborate with other international and local NGOs and businesses working towards parallel goals.

5. Fundraise to support SOS''s aims and projects.

Long-term goals:

  • To seek sustainable solutions for the preservation of forest habitat;
  • To assist local government in the protection and maintenance of protected areas;
  • To promote orangutans as ambassadors for the rainforest ecosystem;
  • To support the establishment of community education and empowerment programmes in Sumatra.

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