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On Mobile Devices In Paradise, And The Kids Who Use Them

Based on 2014 holiday sales of mobile devices, visitors to our part of the world will soon be toting more mobile information and entertainment devices with them than ever before. Kids in particular are listening to audio and video content over headphones and earphones plugged into phones, pods and pads almost exclusively these days, and many parents and health professionals are concerned about unchecked volume levels. Yes, kids listening privately make for a tranquil paradise (and a tranquil plane ride!), but how much private sound is too much?


Etymotic Research, a leader in hearing health solutions, has now offered its ETY•Kids safe-listening earphones as an ideal upgrade for smartphones and e-readers. Unlike earbuds that don’t seal the ear canal and are typically supplied with mobile phones and e-readers, ETY•Kids are engineered for safe sound output while maintaining superior sound quality. And, because they control earphone sensitivity, it’s not necessary to restrict the volume setting on the player.


Even at the maximum volume setting on portable players, kids can listen safely for up to four hours per day. So, since the sound heard through ETY•Kids earphones will not exceed safe levels, parents can rest easy. These earphones block background noise, and provide high-definition sound quality, so kids will be able to hear every detail, and won't complain that the volume is too low.

As school lets out for summer and the vacation season begins, children will have more time to spend with their mobile devices. Now, parents can now make sure that their hearing is protected. Along with sunscreen, bug spray and hydrating fluids, ETY•Kids safe listening earphones (available in black, yellow and pink) are essential equipment for summer travel.


The beautiful places to visit in Bali

This is a guest post by Melody Cleo. The opinions expressed here are her own.

Bali is such a fascinating island and it is listed as one of the most well-known tourists’ attractions in the world. The island has so much to offer to tourists, imagine in just a few days, you can be able to go round one of the most fascinating places. Just for the records, Bali is one of Indonesian island that is located in the western part of Sunda Islands. It is such a stunning island where native cultures are still very strong. There are so many unique ancient buildings for tourists’ attractions and beautiful panoramic visuals that can spoil your dear eyes.

Here is a list of best places you can visit in Bali

Alas Kedaton:

The name Alas Kedaton means, “Jungle of Kingdom”. When you get in there you will first notice how there are plenty of tamed monkeys living there. Just at the middle of the monkey forest, there is a 300 years old Hindu Temple. When you take a close look high up the trees, you will notice large bats resting during daytime. It is fun to visit this place because of the tamed monkey. They will make you enjoy your tour.


Kuta beach:

The most amazing and famous beach in Bali, it always been the first tourist attraction to many people. It has palm trees all around it, supplemented by sandy beach .it stretches so much to the north that you cannot see the end of it, if you only stand at one spot. To the south of the beach, it is the most sought place in Bali, offering a phenomenal view of the sun setting each day.

Being the most popular beach in Bali, it has numerous and best places to enjoy the beach lifestyle. There are many accommodation options ranging from as little as $100 to $ 1000 for a night, to a five star hotels chopping several millions from your pocket.


Bali Safari & Marine Park:

It is considered as one of the island’s largest and most visited animal parks. It offers a fun day out and its gates were opened back in year 2007.This particular safari and Marine Park is a home of over 60 species, all of which roam freely inside their big enclosed national park.

If you remembered to pack your driving licence UK, you can then enjoy a ride on a safari van, all by yourself or with your family, visiting the animals as well as viewing baby sharks at the aquarium. You will definitely have a blast at the adjacent water and amusement parks.


Bali Elephant Safari Park:

This majestic elephant park is managed by Bali Adventure Tours; it offers those tourists that are passionate about elephants, a chance to get close and intimate with the peaceful creatures as well go for nature sightseeing expeditions, while riding on the backs of these elephants. You can also touch them, have photos taken with them as well as watch elephants’ playful bathing rituals.

The park facilities include a full reception with graphic displays of elephant’s history and its psychology, a safari park lodge, a boutique gift shop featuring a number of elephant related products, a restaurant and a bar with amazing views over the lake and park, a comprehensive museum and a 15,000-year-old only mammoth skeleton in Southeast Asia. 


Author Bio:

Melody Cleo is a passionate blogger from Manchester, UK. In her free time, she writes articles on various topics such as technology, gadgets, travel...etc. As of now she is focusing on Driving licence UK, which provides driving licence services for UK people.


A trip to Bali Indonesia on a Budget

Planning a trip to the beautiful islands of Indonesia? Why not enjoy a great vacation on the island of Bali. Bali has been a famous tourist attraction for people from all around the globe. This stunning island is considered as the world’s largest tourist destination and those that visit usually do so just to learn how to surf, party every day, or just to relax and get away from their daily lives. Considering the amount it has to offer and the great attractions, one can actually afford a great vacation in Bali.

Although there are a number of places that are extremely expensive, there are also areas where people can still do many things for free and visit many different places and attractions inexpensively. On arrival and while exploring Bali, there are a number of things that travelers need to keep in mind in order to experience the best vacation that is not expensive and within their budget.

First few steps to planning your vacation to Bali

Booking: Tourists that are visiting Bali from Esta countries do not have to go through tiresome processes and long drawn checks to get a ticket a
Esta Visa. The process of getting a Esta visa is extremely safe and hassle free. Such tourists have the advantage of not only getting through easily but also spending a vacation that is in their budget. Others would have to arrange for a valid visa and get their flight tickets booked accordingly. 

Arriving Bali: On arriving Bali, tourists must ensure they know exactly where they need to go. Cheap and affordable transportation can be availed. 

Special activities in Bali:
 There are many things to do in Bali that can either be cheap or expensive. Depending on the areas and the things you would like to indulge in, one can definitely create memorable moments without having to pay a lot of money.
Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat. Villas, spa, yoga, wellness and more.

Parties and drinking: This activity can be very expensive, but it is up to you to go out and search for pubs and places that are offering deals and offers on drinks. Local stores provide drinks at a very cheap price and allow tourists to sit around pool tables and make new friends. The Steps and Beer garden are places that offer special prices.

For those who know how to surf, would need to find a cheap surf board rental shop. There are hundreds of shops near the beach that rent out boards for more than 1 a day. For those who do not know how to surf and would like to learn, can try to talk to experienced surfers around the beach and try to make new friends to avail free surfing tips and tricks. 

Overall Bali is a great place for a cheap and budgeted vacation, keeping in mind that you do not necessarily have to go to an expensive hotel, pay loads of money for transport and pay to enjoy activities that you can get at cheap rates if you just explore the city on your own!


Bali Photo of the Day- Tanah Lot Temple


Today's photo of the day is from a recent Bali tour to Tanah Lot temple.

Bali tour participants at Pura Tanah Lot temple in Bali

For more on tours of Bali, special experiences, yoga retreats and more, please see our sister site Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat.


Bali Photo of the Day ~ Bali Surf and Yoga Retreat

Today's Bali photo comes from a surf outing with our Surf and Yoga Retreat group to Bali's most famous surf break, Uluwatu.

The Bali Surf and Yoga Retreat was run through Bali Floating Leaf Eco Retreat and they provided this amazing image. They also provide surf villas and all you need to have an epic surf vacation in Bali.

For more on surfing in Bali, Uluwatu, awesome surf photos from Bali and insider's tips, just click How to Surf Bali ~ Uluwatu ~ An Illustrated Guide [Photos]

Surfing Bali ~ Tips tricks and Insider Info