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What makes Balifornian Photo Tours unique and special?

We go to extraordinary sites that most other tours miss.

We have been leading tours to Indonesia for years and specialize in “non-tourist” tours. We know how to avoid crowds and get the best-unobstructed perspectives. 


Unique access.

The benefits of our Balinese lineage and local relationships are the access to private ceremonies, Royal Palaces, communities, and other locations that the public would not be able to enter or participate.


Work with experienced local experts.

We are an experienced group with strong connections to the local communities and cultural education. We have decades of experience with locations, seasons, people, as well as the current twists and turns that inevitably creep up in each new adventure.
Please see the About Us page for more information.



Because we live here in Bali and we love what we do, we are able to charge dramatically less for our services and tours.  Other tours lead by English speaking professionally qualified guides are 20-70% more expensive and often times you receive less than that what Balifornian offers. We urge you to compare and do your due diligence to find out which tours provide the experience you desire. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Just email us here. We guarantee no one can match our value.


Cultural Understanding.

Exposure and submersion in some of the world’s most unique cultures is coupled with learning sessions and discussion to help you gain a deeper understanding of the places you will visit and the people you will meet. Many other tours are referred to as ‘Zoo Tours’ as the busses stop; tourists with cameras get off, click away and return to the bus for the next destination. Balifornian Tours are the antithesis of these types of pre-packaged generic trips. We believe the more you understand about what you are experiencing, the more rewarding and profound your trip will be. 

Bali tour accommodations villasCandi Dasa is a popular stop on our Bali Tours


Small groups provide individual attention.

We keep our groups small so we can work with each guest independently and customize the experiences to fulfill each participant’s passions and unique interests. 


Responsible Eco-Tourism.

Every opportunity is used to lesson our impact and carbon footprint of our tours. We strive to contribute positively to all host communities we visit. All Balifornian tours have a sustainable and charitable component. Bringing donations to underprivileged villages is a highlight for many participants as it creates a special bond between cultures and leaves a tangible impression for both parties. We work with local charities like ANAK, and offer excursions to provide additional assistance for those who need it most. 


Be in paradise in one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

There is good reason why Bali wins “The Island of The Year Award” almost every year. Indonesia offers some of the world’s most stunning landscapes, biologically diverse ecosystems, ancient cultures untouched by modern assimilation, distinct and numerous endemic flora and fauna, and more.
We feel travel is more than simply vacationing, but an opportunity to discover new cultures and ways of life. These adventures in learning and understanding bridge the gap between ethnic diversity, religions and indigenous ways of life to increase respect and tolerance for all mankind and take a step toward the betterment of our planet. And ultimately enrich your own life in the process. This is a transformational experience as evidenced by the testimonials we continue to receive. 

best bali tour guideBeautiful Bali


Great food.

Fortunately, part of immersing yourself in the culture involves partaking in the regional food. It just so happens that the food of Indonesia is delicious. We know many great spots and you will be provided with the tastiest, healthiest and cleanest authentic food available on the island. Cooking classes are also available for those that want to explore the cuisine at a deeper level. You will be given a choice of dining experiences so you can choose what is most appealing to your specific tastes. Unlike most tours that stop at mediocre restaurants and receive a kickback, we provide you with reviews and details of the local establishments and let you make your own decisions. Bali also offers world-class international cuisine as well including the best Italian food I have had since living in Italy!


And do it all in comfort.  

Our tours use deluxe air-conditioned vehicles with a private driver and we stay in well-appointed accommodations. Optional spa visits and other creature comforts are offered throughout your journey.
We encourage you to check around for other tours and prices, as you will not find this level of deep exposure, professional guidance and comfortable accommodations.


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bali tour culture villaCome join us in Bali for an experience of a lifetime!